This is a template portfolio for the students attending the BlueStamp Engineering program.

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Gesture Control Car

A car controlled by hand gestures recoreded with a remote camera.

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Yasmin Husain Evergreen Valley High School Robotics Incoming Senior

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Demo Night

Demo Night Presentation

Final Milestone

My final milestone was to mount the motors on the chassis and get the accelerometer values to move the motors. As I was able to communicate the x and y acceleration values to the ESP32 on the car, I used those values to give the car direction. The car would go forward if the x values were positive and backwards if the values were negative. To turn left or right I had one set of motors turn backwards and one set turn forwards.

Final Milestone

Second Milestone

My second milestone was to communicate the accelerometer values from one ESP32 to the one on the car. I had some difficulty getting the values to appear on the recieving ESP32 serial monitor, but I was able to fix this by changing the source code in the library. After doing this I was able to communicate the x, y, z acceleration values and the rotation values. The only values I needed were the x and y values of acceleration so I only communicated those values to the ESP32 on the car.

Milestone 2

First Milestone

My first milestone was getting my dc motors to work with the motor driver. I ran into some difficulty with the speed control, but I was able to fix this by rewiring the five volt pin to the five volt port behind the ENA pin. Then I needed to wire the battery in a way to power my Audrino and my motor driver. I was able to get my DC motors to run withe a 6V battery pack. To connect all four motors to one motor driver I had to wire two motors to a port. I was able to get the motors to run, and to prvent the reduction of the speed of the motors, I will have to increase the voltage of the battery.

First Milestone